Many people believe that the sure-fire way to that elusive six-pack is thousands of abdominal crunches. The end result of this regime is often disappointment.

Change your workout
If you want to burn fat quicker, do some resistance work before the cardio to deplete your glycogen stores before diving into those fat stores.

Lower Back
Don't neglect working your lower back. Although a strong back doesn't sound as 'sexy' as a six-pack, it is important to work this area to prevent muscular imbalance and injury.

Gyms are full of people pumping out hundreds of reps with poor technique. Back and neck ache is not part of the course when training abdominals. Ask a qualified instructor or trainer to go through a few exercises with you to make sure your technique is sound.

Time your cardio workouts
For fat reduction the best time to do cardio exercise is first thing in the morning before breakfast. As you have been asleep for several hours the body derives its energy from fat, as carbs levels are reduced. Aim to do a minimum of 30 minutes.