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In past the only people who worked with personal trainers were celebrities and Royalty, but now everybody has access to one, children, students, housewives, manual and office workers, managers, company directors and of course celebrities and Royalty. Remember everybody has to start somewhere, whether you are a total beginner or a top athlete, we know our personal trainers have the skills and expertise to assist you in achieving your ultimate goal whatever it may be. FITNESS INNOVATION STUDIO will be presented in the following settings:

One On One Personal Training

A certified personal trainer will work with you personally and create a workout plan specifically tailored to your individual needs. There are many benefits to hiring a personal trainer. A qualified personal trainer can help you reach or maintain a healthy weight, improve your overall conditioning ... with one-on-one encouragement and motivation. With a personal trainer you can enhance your flexibility, strength, endurance, posture, balance, coordination as well as your cardiovascular health.

You simply show up to exercise and your trainer directs all activities. No more missed workouts. No intimidating situations. No waiting for equipment. Exercising in our private facility dedicated to one-on-one and small group training makes the experience truly unique. With a personal trainer you will receive intensive, on-going instruction and encouragement during your session.

Our nutritionist will provide you with a roadmap for a healthy, nutritious diet to meet your lifestyle needs!

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Lower Back Pain Management & Core Strengthening

Back pain is a very common problem with around 8 in 10 people suffering from backache at least some of the time. The lower back is often injured due to excessive stress. Poor postures are also a common cause of lower back pain. We are here to help you in strengthen your back, core & improve your posture.

Fitness Consultation & Exercise Prescription

Goal setting is a great motivational tool to get you started with your exercise program, as well as letting the trainer get to know you better. Fitness Consultations & Exercise Prescription will be a one-on-one session with the trainer to identify barriers, goals, and expected outcomes. Short term and long-term goals will be made in efforts to have a personal baseline for exercise and determining progression of participant.

Optimum Nutrition Advice

Nutrition help provides an opportunity to receive personalized nutritional and lifestyle advice to help you experience all the benefits of optimum health. A tailor-made nutritional program can help you to achieve a nutritional balance to promote and support optimal health and vitality.

Injury Rehab & Strengthening the Area after ‘Physiotherapy’

We have the skill and experience to gain movement, reduce stiffness, improve core stability and advise on exercise programs and strength training if appropriate. We will communicate with any other health professionals you might work with, such as your consultant.

Corporate Fitness Services

It is becoming clearer to people in Corporate that a healthy and happy person makes for a better employee. Fortunately employers have begun to see how their employees' overall health leads to greater productivity.

Corporate clients receive the benefit of having their employees being motivated and lead to a healthy lifestyle that will help them both personally and professionally. The corporate programs that we offer are comprehensive and can meet the needs of any organization.