Health Fitness Workshops/Seminars

Interactive fitness workshops and talks are an excellent way to educate employees on health and wellness and motivate them to get fit. They're a great option for employee education and appreciation events, and a healthy change of pace during conventions, conferences, or training sessions.

If you belong to an organisation, business and school then you could take on Fitness Innovation Studio's Team to come and lead a specifically tailored workshop or event for your people. We can provide lectures and discussions, presentations, demonstrations and interactive seminars on the fast track to health and fitness!!, covering topics based on almost every aspect of our group.

Our workshops/seminars can run from one hour to all day and can be conducted onsite. We cover various health and fitness subjects such as Exercise for Weight Loss, Deciphering Food Labels and Continuing the Fitness Habit to name a few. All our workshop/seminars are designed to be fun and interactive.

We will organise a day or weekend away full of TEAM BONDING, MOTIVATION, FUN and of course, RELAXATION.

Mr. Arshad Javed to teach workshops and seminars for corporation personnel, businesses that draw consumers, parenting groups, fitness centers and schools. He is available to speak on a variety of health and wellness related topics, leads a team of interdisciplinary health professionals who help organizations reduce medical costs and increase productivity.

He has a diverse background and education enables his to speak on a variety of topics on fitness, nutrition and wellness. His experience as a Master Trainer and Health Fitness Consultant of Fitness Innovation Studio, his expertise in fitness training, and Arshad's own life lessons are incorporated into his presentations. By the end of one of these fun and inspiring seminars, everyone will have acquired real life solutions to fit their fast-paced lifestyles and be empowered to make healthy changes.

Arshad Javed has a passion for fitness and healthy living. His experience has led to national media appearances, published works, public speaking, and business consulting. Arshad travels throughout the country offering corporate workshops, wellness programs, and educational lectures. Arshad works with personal training clients in the Karachi area, and leads online virtual training programs for clients worldwide via e-mail, phone, and other sources.

Choose from one of our school or corporate packages or we can custom tailor a lecture, seminar or workshop just for you! Seminars, lectures and workshops can be aimed at adults or children of any age!